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Territory and Experiences

Territory and Experiences

The experiences offered by the territory of lower Valcamonica are perfect if you love relaxation, nature and ancient history. A few steps from the Hotel Brescia you can regenerate your body, discover new flavors, explore places full of charm and see up close how our ancestors lived.

Terme di Boario SPA

The famous thermal baths of our resort are just 150 meters from the hotel. In addition to benefiting from the thermal water therapy, you can enjoy the relaxing services of the SPA and walk in the large secular park. During the summer, the park hosts shows and live music events.


A little less than one kilometer from the Hotel Brescia you can gift yourself a day of fun at the Aquaplanet water park in Darfo. On hot summer days, you can take a few regenerating swim in the cool water or let yourself go and slide down one of the many slides.

Park of Luine

Take a step back into the ancient prehistoric past by visiting the nearby Park of Luine: here our ancestors left numerous rock carvings on over 100 rocks. From a hill in the park, you’ll also enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Moro Lake

If you have a desire for a relaxing walk in nature, 3 kilometers from the hotel is the basin of Lake Moro. This suggestive mirror of water is the area with the highest concentration of biodiversity in Europe and has a perimeter that can be easily covered with a short walk.

Archaeological Park

At the Archeopark archaeological park of Darfo you can discover how your ancestors lived during the Stone Age. Through the accurate reconstructions of the spaces of that time, you will make a journey into the past starting from the Paleolithic period and arriving up to the Roman Age.

Village of Bienno

This small medieval village, nicknamed the “village of the seven towers”, can be reached in 10 minutes by car from the Hotel Brescia and is a real open-air museum. With its characteristic narrow streets, the mill, and a golden statue of Christ the King, Bienno is one of the “Most beautiful villages in Italy”.

Mines of Schilpario

Wear a miner’s helmet, climb aboard the little train and enter the heart of the mountain! At the mines of Schilpario you will enter deep tunnels dug over the centuries by miners and you will discover the techniques of mineral extraction, from the oldest to the most modern.


A little more than an hour’s drive from the hotel, Franciacorta welcomes you among its vineyards and hills to make you live magnificent food and wine experiences. Visit the cellars where the famous wine is produced and enjoy its flavor by participating in tastings with the producers.

Lake Iseo and Montisola

The famous Lake Iseo, full of panoramic views and characteristic villages, is just a few minutes’ drive from the Hotel Brescia. Not to be missed is the locality of Montisola, a mountainous island in the center of the lake where you can visit picturesque villages or enjoy the view of the lake from the many paths.

Christ the King

On the hill of Maddalena of Bienno, stands a large sculpture of Christ the King in pure gold, carved in 1931 by the artist Timo Bortolotti from Darfo. From there you can admire the panorama of Valcamonica and enjoy the spectacle that the surrounding nature offers.

Gleno Dam

At the foot of Mount Gleno, a spectacular and suggestive trekking at high altitude to the ruins of the Gleno Dam awaits you. This imposing construction is now semi-destroyed following the disaster of 1923, it once formed a large artificial lake (today much reduced).

District Pontedilegno-Tonale

The opportunities for entertainment that our territory offers are countless even in winter! In the heart of Valcamonica there is the ski area Pontedilegno-Tonale, an area with 41 slopes and 28 ski lifts. If you love winter sports, this is your paradise.