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To spend your days on the bike you can count on the MTB rental in the structure, recharged daily by self-produced energy. The fleet includes electric and muscle mountain bikes of the Scott brand, available in both front and full version. The rental is also available for outdoor use. And if you need to buy accessories or clothing for your excursions, you can take advantage of a 10% discount at our partner Faletti Mountain Store.


- Scott Aspect 970 -

Size: 1 S, 2 M, 1 L
Typology: Muscular MTB

- Scott Genius E-ride 930 -

Size: 2 S, 5 M, 3 L
Typology: E-MTB

- KTM Macina Race 273 -

Size: 1 S, 2M, 1 L
Typology: E-MTB

- Specialized Turbo Levo M5 Comp -

Size: 1 M, 1 L
Typology: E-MTB

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