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Pet Experience

Pet Experience

Do you love taking your dog with you when you go on vacation? At the Hotel Brescia we love animals and we like to give them an unforgettable experience. Here you will find a pet friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy pleasant moments with your dog and take advantage of numerous services designed especially for them.

Advised Routes

Around the hotel there are several routes perfect for you and our four-legged friends. You can walk on trails of varying difficulty in the woods, by the lake and along the river.

For you it will be a moment of relaxation, for your dog an opportunity for leisure, fun and even a dip!


Together with our partners, we offer a range of services to make you live in peace the vacation with your dog. You can take advantage of the dog sitting service, grooming with a pick-up of the dog directly at the hotel, or (we hope not!) the vet.

Bau Menu

Just as we take care of your meals, we do the same for those of your four-legged friends. As soon as you arrive at the Hotel Brescia, you can offer your dog our Bau Menu: a moist, healthy and super-premium food created with the same love you would put into it.

Useful Info

Your dog is welcome in every corner of the hotel! You can take him on a leash everywhere and, if you want to have him by your side at meals, we will reserve a table in a convenient location. At the entrance you will always find a fountain and bowls where he can quench his thirst.


The price of the Pet Experience is 15€ per night.